The Farm Genetics logo | Cannabis GeneticsOur cannabis genetics experts and cultivators have been working hard to bring you The Farm Genetics™ 2019 craft cannabis flower for release. All of our custom strains are exclusively launched at The Farm Adult-Use Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.

The Farm Genetics™

Growing Experience™

Our marijuana artisans and master breeders use small-batch, slow-cure growing methods to allow the cannabis genetics of each plant to reach their full potential. Our methods produce pristine, pesticide-free craft cannabis flower.

Bred in-house with a focus on providing the most beneficial effects possible, The Farm Genetics™ flower line was created to suit a wide variety of lifestyles. Our cannabis genetics feature unique levels of CBD and CBG, desirable terpene profiles, and potent effects.

Our Best New 2019 Craft Cannabis Cultivars from The Farm Genetics™
  • Space Berry  (Indica-Dominant) 
  • More cannabis genetics arriving soon! Stay tuned!


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To ensure the highest quality and variety of flower possible, we deliver fresh cannabis genetics weekly to our store.

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Space Berry Indica-Dominant Marijuana Strain | The Farm Genetics™ 2019Space Berry

Boldly Growing What No One Has Grown Before

A long time ago in a grow room far, far away, The Farm Genetics™ master breeders envisioned an alien strain so stellar, it could teleport your mind to distant galaxies. Experience Space Berry, an intergalactic-indica with trichomes that shimmer reminiscent of the Milky Way on a moonless night, and a supernova explosion of strawberry sweetness. Its rocket-fuel and skunk flavor undertones hit the tongue like a meteor shower, giving way to the sweet aroma of berries on the exhale. This strain may have the down-to-Earth sensation of a typical indica, but can simultaneously blast you into the stratosphere with strong mental effects.


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Flavor: Far-out gassy funk, coupled with a sweet raspberry finish and cedarwood undertones
Lineage: Starfighter F2 x Sour Strawberry
Color: Dark purples and deep greens with a dazzling trichome corona
Potency: Averages 25% THC
Terpene Profile: Cedrene | Limonene | Caryophyllene
Typical Effects: Spacey | Blissful | Bold

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*While supplies last. Quantities of cannabis genetics may be limited. Additional restrictions may apply. May not be stacked or combined with additional discounts. For adults 21+ only. Please consume responsibly.



Best Craft Cannabis Marijuana Strains Boulder, CO

Cannabis Genetics by The Farm

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2017 Release of Cannabis Genetics

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  11. Rocky Mountain Blueberry (Indica-Dominant)
  12. Alpha Express (Sativa-Dominant)
  13. Wild Blue Yonder | Yonder Mountain String Band Signature Strain (Sativa-Dominant)


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