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The Farm -East Boulder switched from the previously known Root Medical Dispensary to a Recreational shop for all in 2020. With many previous medical card holders’ customers, we still uphold their loyalty by applying 20% OFF on their purchases. This is our secret, local shop for East Boulder having the original, mother shop resides in North Boulder off Iris Avenue. We continue to set the bar high, providing locally grown, craft cannabis, brands that hold the same high standards, and strive to provide an exceptional experience. We provide a safe and welcoming environment in which to obtain cannabis legally.

How do I get to The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder?

Conveniently located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, right off Diagonal Highway, The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder is situated on Iris Ave. We are just three miles from the University of Colorado Boulder’s East Campus. 


Find The Farm -East Boulder of Arapahoe Ave, half a mile from Flatirons Golf Course.

How do I contact The Farm Marijuana Dispensary - East Boulder?

You can reach The Farm East Boulder at 303-443-0240 from 10 AM-6PM. Or, send us an email:

There’s no need to call us before coming in, we don’t require appointments, but you’re always welcome to give us a ring anyway and see what we’ve got in stock!

Our menus are regularly updated for accuracy, so you always know what we’ve got. 

Can I buy alcohol at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary  Boulder?

Nope, if you want to drink: keep on steppin’. 


Colorado state law says we can’t sell any products that contain nicotine or alcohol, but that’s okay because cannabis is what we do best! If you’re feeling parched, grab a cannabis-infused drink at The Farm by Keef Cola or Ceria. 


If you’re a beer lover, visit our neighbors at Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery in Boulder after leaving The Farm. We love supporting local businesses, so pay them a visit if you need a good drink.

How much can I legally buy in a Colorado dispensary?

Currently, Colorado law allows purchases of up to one ounce of cannabis, eight grams of retail concentrate, or marijuana products totaling no more than 800 milligrams of THC per day, including at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder. 


Please be advised: consumers are not permitted to make multiple transactions in an attempt to exceed Colorado’s daily purchasing limits. Our systems ensure we don’t oversupply our customers and The Farm is committed to maintaining excellent compliance in the state of Colorado.


In other words: get the best and cheapest ($99!) ounce today, smoke it up, and come back tomorrow for more good weed and good jams at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder.

How much are the taxes on weed in Colorado?

Recreational marijuana purchases in Colorado will have a 2.9% sales tax attached, plus an additional 15% state marijuana sales tax. In Boulder, purchases are subject to an additional 7.36% sales tax. 


Medical marijuana patients in Colorado are not subject to the 15% state tax, but are subject to the 2.9% and 7.36% sales and local Boulder tax. 


A portion of cannabis taxes goes to Colorado’s Department of Education’s State Public School fund, while the remainder is split between the state’s Marijuana Tax Cash Fund and general fund.

How much does it cost to buy weed in Colorado?

Colorado is known for having some of the best cannabis prices in the entire country, but at the end of the day, what you pay depends on where you shop. 


At The Farm, you’ll find the cheapest ounces in Boulder starting at just $99. 


Ounces aren’t your thing? Don’t sweat. Some of our edibles start as low as $5 for a 2-pack, or you can grab 14 grams starting at just $55. Whatever your need, we’ve got you, babe!


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