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-North Boulder



2801 Iris Avenue,
Boulder 80301



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What is The Farm Marijuana Dispensary


The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder is a fun-loving, rock n’ roll listening, here for a good time dispensary, located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Everyone is welcome; so consider us your one-stop-shop for premium marijuana in Boulder. 


At The Farm Boulder, we provide more than just weed. Here, you are family and the mission is simple: to delight our guests with excellent cannabis and curated headshop goods, all while celebrating the good vibes, groovy music, and funky culture of the ‘70s. 


We have two locations, The Farm -North Boulder and The Farm -East Boulder which are both nestled in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. The Farm -North Boulder menu is a little bigger and the hours are longer, while The Farm -East Boulder is perfect for busy folks who just need to get their stuff and get goin’.

Where is The Farm

Marijuana Dispensary Boulder?

Find us at The Farm - North Boulder 7 days a week from 9AM - 9PM at 2801 Iris Avenue, Boulder, 80301.


The Farm - East Boulder 7 days a week. Monday- Saturday 9AM-7PM and Sunday 12PM-5PM. 5420 Arapahoe Ave, Unit D. Boulder 80303. 


Call The Farm at 303-440-1323 and The Farm Express at 303-443-0240 

How old do I have to be to visit The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder?

Per Colorado state law, only those 21+ and up with a valid ID to prove it can buy recreational marijuana at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder. 


Upon entering The Farm you’ll be required to show ID before entering the sales floor; so don’t forget your wallet! Over 21 out-of-state visitors are always welcome at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder, just make sure you have appropriate identification.

How do I make a purchase from The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder?

You need to visit The Farm -North Boulder or The Farm -East Boulder to make your purchase, but you can prepare at home! 


Before coming in to see us, take a look at our menu online. If you see anything groovy, ask us about it when you stop by. From there, our budtenders can help you choose a product you’ll love. You can also take a peek at what we’ve got on display if anything catches your eye. 


Checking out at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder is just like making a transaction at any other retail store, except we don’t take credit cards. We do accept debit cards, cash, and AeroPay, and have an on-site ATM for your convenience. 

I've never smoked or tried weed before. Is there something I'd like at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder?

The Farm sees new consumers all the time, you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last! We love teaching our new friends how to consume cannabis in a way that’s helpful and responsible to them. 


If you’re concerned about smoking, you might try vaping or another method of consumption. The Farm carries plenty of products for you to choose from and our budtenders are ready to help, so stop in & get the skinny on good weed.

How much does it cost to buy weed in Colorado?

Colorado is known for having some of the best cannabis prices in the entire country, but at the end of the day, what you pay depends on where you shop. 


At The Farm, you’ll find the cheapest ounces in Boulder starting at just $99. 


Ounces aren’t your thing? Don’t sweat. Some of our edibles start as low as $5 for a 2-pack, or you can grab 14 grams starting at just $55. Whatever your need, we’ve got you!

Does The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder take debit or credit cards?

Due to federal law, The Farm does not take credit cards, but we do take debit cards! We also have an ATM on-site for your convenience to accept cash. 


The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder also accepts AeroPay, a cannabis-friendly payment solution to make things easy on you and easy on us at The Farm!

Can I consume cannabis at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder?

The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder does not permit cannabis consumption on-site, per Colorado’s state laws.

Where can I legally smoke weed in Colorado?

Colorado’s laws do not allow for public cannabis consumption, so the short answer is: at your house. 


If you don’t live in Colorado, that might be hard. So, we recommend opting for a 420-friendly accommodation near Boulder. Believe us, there are plenty. You just have to do a little digging! 

Sign up for future rewards at The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder so when you come back next time, you can save a little coin.

How does The Farm get involved with the Boulder community?

Giving back to the local community that has given so much to us is one of our favorite parts of running The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Boulder. 


We are directly involved with Tidy Up Boulder, an initiative focused on cleaning Boulder’s trails and parks. The Farm staff and our brand co-sponsors work together to dedicate weekly time to this group and make Boulder a cleaner place to live for everyone. We are also committed to helping organizations like Conscious Alliance, a Boulder-based non-profit feeding hungry people across the U.S., mainly organizing food drives at concerts and other artistic events. 

Visit our community outreach page to stay up-to-date on how we’re helping Boulder, and how you can be a huge part of what we’re doing! 

Can I take medicated products with me outside of Colorado?

Per Colorado state law, you can not drive, fly, or ship medicated products of of the state.

How can I save money while shopping at The Farm?

It's super easy to save money while shopping at The Farm! 

Sign up with The Farm Rewards, our loyalty program, to stack points that convert into discounts! Earn points every time you shop with us! 

When you sign up, you also get opted in for exclusive deals when we send out our weekly email newsletter and text blast!

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