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Dive Into Greatness & Join Our Dynamic Team!


To delight our guests with excellent cannabis and curated headshop goods, and to celebrate the good vibes, music, and culture of the '70s.



We are seeking the best and brightest employees in the industry to help expand our team and support our objective of delivering best in class guest service.



We have created a culture of excellence that is unmatched in the cannabis industry and strive to provide an incredible place to work and grow in your career!



  • Budtender (starting at $15-18)

  • Senior Budtender

  • Floor Manager

  • Assistant Store Manager

  • Store Manager

  • FOH Manager

  • Product Coordinator

  • Inventory Manager

  • Merchandiser Coordinator



  • Benefits- Med/Vision/Dental

  • Paid Holidays 6 Days Total 

  • Paid Sick Days- 48 Hours accrued per calendar year

  • Paid Time Off

  • MED Badge- Reimbursement

  • Employee Referral Pay Out

  • Employee Discount

  • Google Reviews Name Drop $25 

  • Compliant Rewards $150 for each capture or discovery

  • Up to $700 + tips per month

  • Samples & Swag


Brooks, Post Cultivataion Manager

"I began with Skinny Pineapple back in 2014, eager to get involved in the cannabis industry and learn as much as possible. After budtending for about a year, I was given the opportunity to move into what has become the Product Coordinator role. This allowed me to become familiar with the ins and outs of tracking cannabis inventory. As the store became busier, it was presented that an Inventory Manager role would be available to oversee all inventory processes. I was fortunate enough to be selected in this role, and thus began my long-term career, tracking, logging, and handling inventory processes on a larger scale. After a short stint living back in my hometown of Winter Park, FL., I returned to Skinny Pineapple in January 2020 ready to continue my cannabis journey. Upon returning, I was able to continue as the Inventory Manager for the retail supply chain. As of March 2021, the opportunity arose to move into the Post-Cultivation Manager position. After years on the retail side, this was a great way to further expand my knowledge of cannabis supply chain management. I look forward continuing my growth with Skinny Pineapple."

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Thomas, Floor Manager

"I have worked at the Farm for over 2 years, and I started as a CSR at the medical store Root. After that I moved to the Farm and became a floor manager just before covid. The best part of the Farm is definitely all of the people working in the store with their great vibes."

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Tanya, Marketing Manager

"If you love cannabis and the beauty it brings to the world, you'll thrive at Skinny Pineapple! My connection to this plant has always pushed me forward to do more. I started as a trimmer in 2014. I continued to learn under mentors and grew into the Harvest Manager position, then Cure Manager position. I was SO thrilled to ensure that proper harvesting and cure techniques were being implemented for the dankest final product! 

My passion is in graphic design and fine art. Skinny Pineapple was aware of that. I was invited to be part of the Marketing Department. This company will see your strengths and encourage your talents! I'm so happy that I had the experience in cultivation, so I can really dive deep with cannabis marketing.